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Introducing Inline Module Overview

Introducing Inline Module for Joomla

GammaBlue Development is proud to introduce Inline Module, a plugin for Joomla 1.5 which allows the automatic insertion of a module at a natural breaking point in the article about how to play roulette online, such as at a paragraph tag or div tag.

Use the Inline Module plugin when you want to introduce an inline module to all articles on the site, without requiring your content authors to be responsible for including a module.

This plugin actually inserts a module position, which will load as many modules as are assigned to the designated module position.

Fully configurable and with an extensive debug mode, the Inline Module plugin will make your life as a content publisher easier.

Works with all templates and doesn't require any hack to the Joomla core! Users can target different modules for different areas of the site by targeting modules into the newly defined module position for only the menu items that are desired.

The Inline Module plugin allows configuration to enable or disable all five content views independently, and allows for custom definition of module position name and CSS style.







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