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Bulk Import for Joomla 1.5


Bulk Import 1.0b  $29.99 Free! 

Bulk Import is a Joomla extention that allows articles to be submitted in bulk via file upload of a delimeted file.

 With Bulk Import, you can import Article Title, Article Intros, Article Body, Article Title, Metadata Description, and Metadata Keywords all from a single file.  Bulk Import provides configurable column mapping definitions, and has support for multiple column delimiters, including Pipe (|, reccomended) and Comma (, for CSV).  Imported content can be assigned to the appropriate section and category, and other common attributes, such as Creator and Published status, are applied to all articles in the upload.  Bulk Import will auto-create the article alias from title if no alias is provided, and even will removal special characters to reduce the chance of parsing errors. 



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