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Bulk Import Support

Known Issues:

- This component displays the error "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /joomla/html/html/select.php on line 68" when rendered.  This message is harmless.
- Files with newlines not representing the end of a record to import will result in incorrectly imported records.  Please ensure newlines represent the record break.
- Some files fail to import, inserting only a blank entry with no title, no alias, and no article content.  This is likely a parsing error, root cause is currently unknown.  This is relatively rare.  The best resolution is to inspec the file being imported, and ensure there are no special characters or unusual content in the file.  (Note: Bulk Import does replace many special characters, but since this defect persists we are uncertain if we are getting all that are necessary).
- Auto-created aliases do not scrub non aphanumeric characters, such as punctuation marks.  These seem to work fine as article aliases in Joomla 1.5, but are not best-practices for SEO and URI structure.  An example is the second record in the hello world example below.


Is there a tutorial or hello world example?  

Sure, just follow the instructions below.  We'll explain after.
  1. Download the hello-world-import.txt file (right click and Save As).
  2. Open Bulk Import command in Joomla by clicking "Components" and then "Bulk Import" and "Import bulk content" from the menu of the Administration console.
  3. Click "Choose File" and select the hello-world-import.txt file you saved in step 1.
  4. Ensure that "Pipe (|)" is selected as the delimeter.
  5. Click the name of each field, to enable all six fields.  Set 1 as the value for "Title," 2 as the value for "Intro Text," "3" as the value of "Full Text," 4 as the value for "Alias," 5 for "Metadata Description," and 6 fo "Metadata Keywords."
  6. Ensure that "Published" button is checked.
  7. Select the Section and Category to apply to all imported records.
  8. Review and confirm the other selections in the Options section.
  9. Click "Save" icon.
  10. Go to Article Manager and find the articles.  

What happened here?

- The first column in the hello-world-import.txt file was the title, the second was the intro text, and so on.
- We chose to import all six fields.  Try the example again, this time don't enable any columns except the default Title and Intro Text.  When you inspect the articles that were created, you'll see the "below the fold" Full Text is not imported, the alias was automatically created based on the title, and the metadata description and keywords were not imported.  The tool will import only the fields that you want to import.
- Notice that the second row of the sample file contained a blank value for the "Full Text" field.  All the content in this article is "above the fold" of the "More" button on the rendered page.
- Notice that some basic punctuation characters are in the file.  An exclamation point in the title, commas in the text, and HTTP code in the articles didn't interfere with the content import.
- We chose to use Pipe (|) as the delimiter because it is the least likely to interfere with existing articles or HTML code.  We reccomend this for general use, however the other delimeters should work equally well as long as the content is scrubbed free of the associated delimeter.

Has this been tested?

Yes, Bulk Import has been tested on one of our sites to import over 2000 articles. The primary issues we've encountered all appear to be with the file that is imported, occassionally being non-parsable.  If you take careful steps to strucutre your imported data, it is unlikely you'll encounter this issue.

Where can I report what I believe to be a bug?

Please submit bug and feature requests here.


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