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Version History

Version 1.0b2 (beta 2)

Version 1.0b2 (beta 2) was released February 18, 2009.  This resolves some high priority browser compatibility issues:
  • Moved field-enablement links to onclick instead of href, fixing issues with some versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Added instruction explaining the need to click the field name to enable the column.
  • Removed void parameters configuration, to allow Joomla to handle a no-parameter configuration normally.¬† (Note, Bulk Import does not currently make use of any configuration parameters).
  • ¬†Resolved a website issue with the captcha graphic that was impacting some browsers.

Version 1.0b (beta)

Version 1.0b (beta) was released January 25, 2009.  This is the inital, and currently only, version of Bulk Import available.  This version has only been tested on Joomla 1.5.  
It releases with the following known issues:
- Files with newlines not representing the end of a record to import will result in incorrectly imported records.  Please ensure newlines represent the record break.
- Some files fail to import, inserting only a blank entry with no title, no alias, and no article content.  This is likely a parsing error, root cause is currently unknown.  This is relatively rare.  The best resolution is to inspect the file being imported, and ensure there are no special characters or unusual content in the file.  (Note: Bulk Import does replace many special characters, but since this defect persists we are uncertain if we are getting all that are necessary).
- Auto-created aliases do not scrub non aphanumeric characters, such as punctuation marks.  These seem to work fine as article aliases in Joomla 1.5, but are not best-practices for SEO and URI structure.  An example is the second record in the hello world example below.



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