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GammaBlue supports and uses open source and free software, in the name of developing cost-efficient solutions quickly.  And in this spirit we also contribute back to the community when we can.

It is in this spirit that we offer the below modules and components to the development community at large, and hope that others find them as useful as we have.


  • Bulk Import for Joomla 1.5   ( 4 Articles )


    Bulk Import 1.0b  $29.99 Free! 

    Bulk Import is a Joomla extention that allows articles to be submitted in bulk via file upload of a delimeted file.

     With Bulk Import, you can import Article Title, Article Intros, Article Body, Article Title, Metadata Description, and Metadata Keywords all from a single file.  Bulk Import provides configurable column mapping definitions, and has support for multiple column delimiters, including Pipe (|, reccomended) and Comma (, for CSV).  Imported content can be assigned to the appropriate section and category, and other common attributes, such as Creator and Published status, are applied to all articles in the upload.  Bulk Import will auto-create the article alias from title if no alias is provided, and even will removal special characters to reduce the chance of parsing errors. 



  • Twitter Feed   ( 4 Articles )



    Twitter Feed

    Twitter Feed 

    Twitter Feed is a simple module that displays a configurable number of updates (Tweets) based on the Twitter Search API.  The result is a powerful component that enables you to have a great deal of control over which updates are posted to your website.  Want to filter out certain hashtags?  No problem.  Want to only display items with links?  It's an option.  Want to apply a custom CSS styling to the rendered links? Tweet updates are rendered is CSS-friendly DIV tags and can be easily styled to fit the look and feel of your website.


    Twitter Feed is live on hundreds sites, such as this site about the Washington State Cougars.



  • Inline Module   ( 4 Articles )

    Inline Module

    Introducing Inline Module, a plugin for Joomla which allows the automatic insertion of a module at a natural breaking point in the article, such as at a paragraph tag or div tag.  Use the Inline Module plugin when you want to introduce an inline module to all articles on the site, without requiring your content authors to be responsible for including a module.  This plugin actually inserts a module position, which will load as many modules as are assigned to the designated module position.  Fully configurable and with an extensive debug mode, the Inline Module plugin will make your life as a content publisher easier.  Works with all templates and doesn't require any hack to the Joomla core!  Users can target different modules for different areas of the site by targeting modules into the newly defined module position for only the menu items that are desired.  The Inline Module plugin allows configuration to enable or disable all five content views independently, and allows for custom definition of module position name and CSS style.


  • Style Scrubber   ( 4 Articles )

    Style Scrubber

    Introducing Style Scrubber, a plugin for Joomla which will remove explicit style declarations from content articles, thus ensuring the CSS styles from the template are used instead.

    For sites that allow user-generated content, or have authors who cut and paste formatted text from other editors, Style Scrubber will help to remove explicit style declarations to normalize all the text in the body of an article.  The article itself will not be impacted, nor <em> or <strong> tags, nor will any class or ID declarations used for specific CSS styling.

    Get control of your site's style back with Style Scrubber. 


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