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 Known Issues:

- Tags are case-sensitive
- Currently no minimum length of an article. Roadmap item.


When using the module, I notice some text after the article which reads "Inline article positioning by Inline Module."  Why does this appear and how do I disable it?
Easy!  This link to our site is the only compensation we ask for use of this free plugin.  However we understand that not every site, such as those developed commercially for clients, are able to include this on their pages.  That's why we wrapped this element in a CSS Div tag, to make it simple to hide from the user display.  Simply add this statement to your CSS file to disable this text:
.gammabluetag { visibility:hidden; }
How do I create a module position for use with this module?
It's a simple process (and a standard Joomla 1.5 feature) to assign a module to a new module position. In the Module that you want to display, simply type the name of the new position into the "Position" field. This value should match the module position name you define in the plugin parameters, in the field "Module Position Name."

The default is "inline" so all you would need to do is type "inline" as the position for your Module in edit screen of your Module (accessed from the Module Manager list user interface). These instructions are also included in the help text of the Plugin Parameters, when you mouse over the field called "Module Position Name."



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