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Style Scrubber Overview

Style Scrubber Plugin for Joomla 

Introducing Style Scrubber, a plugin for Joomla which will remove explicit style declarations from content articles, thus ensuring the CSS styles from the template are used instead.

For sites that allow user-generated content, or have authors who cut and paste formatted text from other editors, Style Scrubber will help to remove explicit style declarations to normalize all the text in the body of an article.  The article itself will not be impacted, nor <em> or <strong> tags, nor will any class or ID declarations used for specific CSS styling.

Get control of your site's style back with Style Scrubber. 

Features include:

  • Remove explicit style declarations from content articles
  • Configurable for use on any applicable layout, by easy to use configuration parameters
  • Does not alter the use of CSS classes or ID styles
  • Does not alter <em> (italics) or <strong> or any other native HTML tags.
  • Debug mode with pre-flight log and execution error¬†notification
  • Works out-of-the-box without plugin configuration to apply module for all layouts






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