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 Known Issues:
- There is no timestamp (i.e. "40 minutes ago") posted on feed updates.  
- Hashtags always render as URLs
- An "alt" attribute exists on an href element, which does not pass W3C validation.  It should instead be a "title" attribute.
- Deploying multiple modules to the same page may result in W3C validation failures, or CSS display problems.  If you encounter difficulties, try deploying just one module.


No results are showing up?

Make sure that your search actually returns results.  You can debug your search parameters by enabling the "Display Query Link" option and clicking the rendered results.  If no entrys are returned, then you know that the query you've entered is a bad search.

Tweets are taking too long to show up, or are not showing up at all?

First, check the Twitter search API by putting your Twitter username into the "From this person" field on Twitter's Advanced Search page.  If your tweets aren't showing up on that results page, then you know the problem is on the Twitter side.  If they do show up in the search results, but still are not showing up in the Twitter Feed module, then you may have module caching enabled.  Try clearing the cache (ensuring to make sure the modules are cleared) in Joomla, and on your browser, and reloading the page.

Hashtag filtering doesn't work?
Make sure to remove the # character when entering hashtags to filter.
Where can I report what I believe to be a bug?
Please submit bug and feature requests here.
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Twitter Feed Version History

Version 1.0.0a (alpha)

Version 1.0.0a (alpha) was released March 1, 2009.  This is the inital, and currently only, version of Twitter Feed available.  This version has only been tested on Joomla 1.5.  
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Download Twitter Feed
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You can download Twitter Feed for Joomla 1.5 here.
You must read and agree with the following disclaimer before downloading:
  • The product you have selected to download is provided to you as an accomodation and without any warranties, representations or gurantees of any kind, including, without limitation the warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Like any product, there is a risk of data loss or damage when used improperly or in untested environments or configurations. Accordingly, you should use the product in strict accordance with its documentation and only after making a successful backup of your data.
  • By using the product you express assume all risk of loss associated with any data loss or damage alledged to have been caused by the product. 
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   Download version 1.0.0a Now 

   Click the link above to download the Twitter Feed module for Joomla 1.5.  
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Twitter Feed Overview Twitter Feed is a simple module that displays a configurable number of updates (Tweets) based on the Twitter Search API.  The result is a powerful component that enables you to have a great deal of control over which updates are posted to your website.  Want to filter out certain hashtags?  No problem.  Want to only display items with links?  It's an option.  Want to apply a custom CSS styling to the rendered links? Tweet updates are rendered is CSS-friendly DIV tags and can be easily styled to fit the look and feel of your website.

Features include:

- Simple configuration, only required field is your Twitter username

- Configurable number of updates / Tweets to display. 

- Display or hide updates as links, with configurable link text

- Advanced filtering and search capabilities, leveraging the Twitter Search API

- Search for multiple words, exact phrases, excluded words

- Filter by hashcode

- Filter only updates with Links

- Configurable "Follow Me on Twitter" link text

- Trim feed updates by number of words

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